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LCI is excited to host the 23rd Annual LCI Congress in the beautiful City of Phoenix, Arizona! Make the most of your time by discovering points of interest ahead of your visit. 

Hundreds of years before Phoenix was colonized it was the home of Native Americans. These sophisticated native persons built an irrigation system, pulling water from the Salt River to the area we now know as Phoenix. This irrigation systems consisted of approximately 135 miles of manmade canals. By doing this they brought water to the very dry desert area and were able to cultivate

Phoenix was established in 1868. This small colony grew rather quickly, within two years of becoming a recognized town the Richard Flour Mills became a thriving steam mill and source of industry. From there Phoenix continued to grow and bring in new industries throughout the years.

Present day Phoenix is a busy city with a lot to offer. From hiking in a variety of parks, visiting the Desert Botanical Garden to eating in one of the fantastic restaurants in downtown Phoenix — we know you will find something of interest to do in your free time after a day of thought sharing at Congress!

Pictured above is the Phoenix Convention Center where the 2021 LCI Congress will take place!

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