2021 LCI Congress Call for Gemba Walks

For more on LCI Congress, go to www.lcicongress.org/2021/ or email Joan Piccariello at [email protected]

Host a Gemba Walk at the 2021 LCI Congress!

Phoenix, Arizona

Get the opportunity to host owners, members of the design community, trade partners and general contractors at your site on Friday, October 22. If your company has an active construction site, manufacturing site, office space or Big Room near Phoenix, AZ, you can give LCI Congress attendees a chance to put what they learned into practice. Submit a Gemba Walk application below to be considered!

Preference will be given to:

  • Sites featuring Lean practices in action
  • Sites within a 45-minute drive from the Convention Center 100 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85004
  • Sites with LCI corporate member involvement
What is Gemba Day at LCI Congress?

Gemba Day takes place the last day of LCI Congress and gives attendees the chance to “go to work” and apply what they have learned throughout the week. Each Gemba Walk is led by an experienced, Lean-practicing coach who facilitates discussions and guides attendees through front-line work processes. Recent coaches have said they benefited from the participants’ observations and process improvement suggestions as much as the participants benefit from seeing and engaging in discussion!

Gemba Walk schedule on Friday, Oct. 22

- Breakfast at the Phoenix Convention Center at 7 a.m. EST

- Buses depart from the Phoenix Convention Center at 8 a.m. EST

- Gemba Walk – approx. 60 minutes

- Buses return to the Phoenix Convention Center by 11:00 EST

Gemba Walk FAQs:

How are processes going in general? (DOWNTIME wastes, TIMMESS workplace conditions, Lean process practices, 5S practices, etc.)

Are customers getting what they need and are suppliers giving what is needed? Are hand-offs clear and efficient?

Does your team use performance indicators on communication boards or in other visual ways such as a pull plan, 6WLA, logs, story pole, etc.? What are they telling us about your team’s continuous improvement opportunities?

Describe project team collaboration practices such as huddles, Big Room, etc. Are they efficient and effective?

Is there waste around information availability for safe, productive, quality work and timely project decisions? What causes the waste and how can you improve?

What are your lessons learned and how are they shared across the team?

Call for Gemba submission deadline: Monday April 5, 2021

  • Please enter a number from 20 to 30.

Note: Attendees must wear closed-toe shoes. Hosts will provide PPE (personal protective equipment).

Thank you for your interest in leading a Gemba Walk at 2021 LCI Congress! We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to show off your team’s hard work to a group of appreciative practitioners seeking to learn and think critically about value-added work.