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Get inspired and energized by this year’s keynote speakers!

Each speaker will bring a unique story of overcoming challenges and obstacles in life to relate to the 2020 LCI Congress theme of The ABC’S of Lean: Transformation Through Actions, Best Practices and Coaching. Read each speaker’s full biography below to learn more about their story.

Tom Wujec

Innovation expert Tom Wujec has spent over 30 years studying how teams and organizations achieve unthinkable breakthroughs. During that time, Wujec has designed state of the art software that continues to help over millions of people make better products. He is a bestselling author and has spoken at TED six times. Wujec combines his knowledge of technology trends, business change, and creative collaboration to help leaders disrupt their industries in the information age.

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Peter Skillman

Peter Skillman is a passionate design and technology leader focused on building innovative organizations by unlocking the creative potential of people and teams.  Currently the Director of User Experience Design (UX) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) responsible for 180 cloud services serving tens of millions of customers, he leverages over 30 years of experience in design, engineering and consulting, at start-ups and large corporations.

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