Maximize your team’s collaboration at the 21st Annual LCI Congress

By Jeff Cleary, General Superintendent
KHS&S Contractors

LCI Congress is not just a place for collaboration and knowledge sharing across the design and construction industry. It is a place to strengthen your own team.

I know firsthand the value of bringing your whole team to Congress. Last year, KHS&S sent my project team to experience this unique event together and we walked away with a reinforced sense of cohesiveness, as well as a greater understanding of the importance of each of our specific roles in the project process.

Together, we already know the essential part we play in the efficiency, quality and safety of a project. But the 2018 LCI Congress heightened my awareness and understanding of what it truly means to be part of the team. The keynote speakers and many expert presenters consistently shared accomplishments in their lives and projects, and being part of a team was always the common thread leading to their success. When placed in a divergent environment where all our voices are heard and where quality communication is encouraged, teams make better decisions and have better project outcomes. When you attend LCI Congress and observe the big picture, you can’t help but see the collective “team” in front of you.

Witnessing the impact a unified group of individuals like us can make through practical applications and a teamwork mentality puts our shared Lean mission into perspective. Our key takeaways included proven solutions we have long since implemented into our projects and a reenergized dedication to our Lean commitment.

The time together at LCI Congress also enriched our close-knit relationship, reminding us of the value behind our team’s collaboration to the future of Lean — and the future of the design and construction industry as a whole.

Bring your own team to the 21st Annual LCI Congress this year to experience the tangible takeaways we gained, and more! From simplified tracks focused on your specific needs to brand new interactive Live Labs, this is a year you won’t want to miss.

Register now to bring your whole team to Fort Worth, October 14-18!