Keynote spotlight: New York Times bestseller Greg McKeown

The 2019 LCI Congress will kick off with a roaring start when opening keynote, Greg McKeown, takes the stage on Wednesday. The New York Times bestselling author will commence the program with an enlightening message from his book “Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.” This is a relevant and timely theme for our focus on the efficiency, quality and safety of projects.

Greg will tie in his own experience overcoming challenges and obstacles to this year’s overarching Congress theme, Overcoming our Industry Challenges with Lean Solutions. His insights on enhancing your individual contribution revolves around doing less, but more effectively. After working with leaders from innovative companies across the globe, he discovered the benefits of putting energy toward the right things.


“By applying a more selective criteria for what is essential, the pursuit of less allows us to regain control of our own choices so we can channel our time, energy and effort into making the highest possible contribution toward the goals and activities that matter.”

— Greg McKeown


The power of essentialism can influence the way we see our projects, our lives and the world. Beyond a mindset, it’s a way of life to help us regain control over our energy and time. Join Greg at the 21st Annual LCI Congress to learn how we utilize this idea to advance our Lean mission.

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