Advice to first time attendees from 2018 LCI Congress speaker Joe Donarumo

LCI is kicking off our 20th Annual LCI Congress blog series by featuring speakers from this year’s core program presentation. Joe Donarumo, Director, Lean Application/Senior Superintendent at Linbeck Group and LCI Congress Champion, is the first speaker we’ve gotten a chance to pose questions to this year. As a 2018 LCI Congress Champion, he plays a key role in ensuring the quality of this year’s presentations, in addition to executing his own presentation, about how to fill the talent gap with next generation Lean leaders on Wednesday, Oct. 17 at 4:40 p.m.

Joe will also be serving as our 2019 Congress Chair next year. We are very lucky to have gotten the chance to recently speak with him about what he’s most looking forward to this October — as well as get a preview of his presentation topic!

LCI: What are you looking forward to most about the 20th Annual LCI Congress?
Joe Donarumo (JD): I always get excited when it’s time for LCI Congress because I look forward to hearing about new innovations and lessons learned from other industry leaders with respect to their Lean journey. There is so much rich information that can be mined from the great presentations and networking discussions that can lead to new standards and processes in my own organization.

LCI: How will your presentation equip attendees to lead change?
JD: My hope for our presentation “How can LCI fill the Talent Gap with the Next Generation of Lean Leaders?” is that it gets attendees thinking about what Lean will look like in our industry in the next 10-15 years, and more importantly, how will we cultivate and retain amazing next generation leaders? In an effort to gather more information for LCI’s Lean Leader group, we’ll ask participant groups to look through the lens of marketing, recruiting, employee development and new owner engagement before providing their feedback and ideas for how LCI could improve its own operations and better support the industry.

I feel attendees will leave with tangible tools to help bridge the talent gap in both their local LCI Community of Practice (CoP) and their companies. As part of LCI’s Lean Leader group focusing on these topics, I look forward to improving our approach by hearing fresh ideas from outside perspectives.

LCI: What advice do you have for someone attending LCI Congress for the first time?
JD: Start small. The amount of information available to take in at LCI Congress is mind blowing. Take the time to define what it is that you want to discover and learn more about in your Lean journey. Then, be selective in choosing the right presentations and discussion to support your learning objectives and goals. In addition, take advantage of networking and leveraging those conversations. It’s easy to stay in your lane or silo but challenge yourself to engage others and learn from their experiences.

LCI: In your experience, why is it valuable to build an effective and respectful project team culture?
JD: It changes the entire game on how we interact and work together towards our common goals. So much of Lean is centered around process-driven waste, but there’s so much waste surrounding people and how we interact with one another. When we define how we are going to behave and work together, we set the stage for great opportunity and success.

Catch Joe Donarumo’s presentation at the 20th Annual LCI Congress, Oct. 15-19 in Orlando, Florida, and check out the agenda to see what else you won’t want to miss! You can still save with the early registration rate when you register before midnight ET on September 10. Register today.


More speaker insights will be posted in the weeks leading up to the event, so check back regularly for exciting updates!