16th Annual Lean Construction Congress (2014)

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Introduction to Lean
David MacNeel, On Point Lean Consulting

Choosing By Advantages
The Boldt Company – John Koga

Root Cause Analysis
The ReAlignment Group – Dan Fauchier

Introduction to Last Planner System®
Lean Project Consulting – Klaus Lemke

Last Planner System® for Executive Leaders
The Change Business – Alan Mossman

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Congress Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dan Heinemeier, Executive Director, Lean Construction Institute

Lean Turnaround
The C-Suite’s Role in Building a Lean Organization
Art Byrne, Lean Turnaround

Company-wide Lean Transformations
JE Dunn, HKS, Sundt, and Southland Industries

Leveraging BIM for Success
Array Architects – Jason Lee, Jeffrey Drucker
Studio V, Ltd. – Bruce Cousins
Turner Construction – Thomas LaMay, Daniel Sistrunk
Moderated by: Eli Mastin, Mortenson Construction

Lean Tools
The Emergence and Viability of Lean in the Public Sector

UCSF – Stuart Eckblad
Cambridge Construction Management – Marinus Lamprecht
DPR – Ray Trebino
Stantec – Laurel Harrison

Leveraging Tools and Technology for Implementing Lean
DPR – Peter Berg, Chidambaram Somu
Sundt Construction – Kira Bruun
Moderated by: Bevan Mace, Balfour Beatty Construction

Lean Design Management
Boiled Architecture – Oscia Wilson
Pratt Architecture and Management – Susan Pratt
Moderated by: Bruce Cousins, Studio V, Ltd.

Driving Lean into the Industry
McGraw Hill Construction – Donna Laquidara-Carr, Ph.D., LEED AP
Balfour Beatty Construction – Bevan Mace
Moderated by: Bruce Cousins, Studio V, Ltd.

Small Wins
HerreroBoldt – Meeli Linnik, Sabrina Odah, David Mitchell
Southland Industries – Mark Napier
Walters and Wolf – George Christman
Moderated by: Dave Hagen, The Boldt Company

Owner National Community of Practice
The Boldt Company – Jay Harris
Southland Industries – Andrew Rhodes
Universal Health Services – Cristian Pikel
HMC Architects – Steven Wilson

The Big Room: Celebrate Success / Check & Adjust against Toyota’s Obeya
Massachusetts Port Authority – Luciana Burdi
Haley & Aldrich – Nick Masci
Lesa Nichols Consulting – Lesa Nichols
UCSF Capital Programs – Malvin Whang
Moderated by: George Zettel, Turner Construction

Lean Practices from Competition through Construction
WRNS Studio – Sam Nunes, Scott Gillespie
Walters & Wolf – Mike Gross, Paul Kendall
Rudolph and Sletten – Gary Taylor, Kelli Quinn

Lean Breakdowns
Building a Culture at Akron Children’s Hospital – the Road to Mastery
The Boldt Company – Nick Loughrin
Welty Building Company – Paul Becks
Yerman and Young Painting, INC. – Harold Rozak
Partsons Electric – Perry Thompson
Baker Concrete – Rob Ford

Lean, IPD and IFOA – a perfect combination – Corona Regional Medical Center
Universal Health Services – Tara Laski
DPR Construction – Jason King, Taylor Drennan
Bergelectric Corporation – Dean Shipcott
Southland Industries – Patrick Kramer
Make It Right – Ricardo Sangiovanni
Moderated by: Stewart Trapino, Linbeck

Starting Up a Lean Team
Balfour Beatty Construction – Andreas Phelps
Graham Construction – Art Winslow
Ghafari Management – Samir Emdanat
St. Jerome’s University – Darren Becks
Mortenson Construction – Rob Warnaca
University of Washington Capital Projects – Steve Tatge
Miller Hull Partnership – Adin Dunning
Mortenson Construction – John Baker
Moderated by: Andreas Phelps, Balfour Beatty Construction

Lean in DD/Planning Phase
Aditazz – Lynda Moyer, David Higgins, Sandeep Desai
How Target Value Design Influences Interior Architecture and Design
HKS – Andrea Sponsel, Michael Mamer
KHS&S – Rob Walter
ACP – Keith Stillman
Moderated by: George Zettel, Turner Construction
Bernita Beikmann, HKS Architecture

Focus on Quality
Rudolph and Sletten – Dustin Komen, Kelli Quinn
Boulder Associates – Romano Nickerson
Moderated by: Bevan Mace, Balfour Beatty Construction

Extracting Value from Oil using Lean and IPD – Design Collaboration Technique
PetroChem Group – Steve Crowley, R. Kent Gurley, Guadalupe Jenkins
PCL Construction – Terry Brickman, Lhea Sitton, David Johnston

Lean Daily Management
Messer Construction Company – Nick Apanius, Chris Malinowski

Integration of Multiple Planning Approaches on a Hospital Project
McCarthy Building Companies – Ken McBroom, Richard Castaneda

International Owner Conversation
Intel Corporation – John Pemberton
Walt Disney Imagineering – David Van Wyk
Moderated by: Victor Sanvido, Southland Industries

LCI Awards Dinner

Thursday, October 09, 2014

LCI Corporate Member Breakfast

State of LCI
Michael Bade, LCI Chairman of the Board

What I have learned… Implementing Lean Organization Transformation
James Hereford, COO Stanford Hospitals & Clinics

What Owners Want
A Panel of California Owners share their perspectives
Moderated by: Victor Sanvido, Southland Industries

Intel’s Lean Journey
Intel Corporation – Rick Gariepy, Project Manager, Corporate Services Construction
Balfour Beatty Construction (Howard S. Wright) – Todd Miller, Project Executive
JE Dunn Construction – Chris Hermreck
SSOE – Bret Susany
MWG – Elyse Forde, Design Manager
University Mechanical – Mike Pape
JB Henderson – Tracy Lucero
Hensel Phelps – Kable Ornham
Moderated by: Dave Hagan, Boldt

The Lean Journey
Taking The First Step With the Last Planner System
Davis Construction Corporation – Peter Ukstins, Chris ScanlonNavigating Lean – Kitchell
Moderated by: Bill Seed, Disney Imagineering

The Real Value in Lean
Balfour Beatty Construction US – Andreas Phelps

Brazilian Power Plant Goes Lean
Porsche Consulting Brasil – Arlan Cardoso

Raising the Bar
Gilbane – Todd Gerber

Case Studies from the Front Line
Clark Construction – Mike Ricker, Mike Schnizlein
McCarthy Building Company – Mark Radell, Mike Tovaraz
Northeast Georgia Health System – Rudy Lonergan
Lawler-Wood, LLC. – Scott Seaman
Turner Construction – Keith Merritt
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. – Chris Pechacek
NBBJ – Corrie Messinger
Moderated by: Stewart Trapino, Linbeck

Lean Construction Documentation v2.0
Integrated Process for Document Quality Assurance
Lionakis – Denis Stroup
Lean Process for Digital File Exchange and Plan Review
Robert Purcell
Sutter Health – Digby Christian
SmithgroupJJR – Arlee Monson
Juan Restrepo – Andy Sarapani
Moderated by: Eli Mastin

Making Lean Work in the Public Sector
Balfour Beatty Construction – Justin Maletic
San Diego State University – Bob Schulz
WRNS Studio – Sam Nunes, Scott Gillespie
Rudolph and Sletten – Gary Taylor, Kelli Quinn
UCSF – Michael Bade
Moderated by: Michael Bade, Univ. of California, San Francisco

An Experiment in Takt Time
Pankow Builders, Ltd. – Doug Dunnebier, John Cleary, Mike Galvez
Sutter Health – James Pease

Adding Operational Value
Balfour Beatty Construction – Jason A. Reece
Alpha Facilities Solutions, LLC – Patrick Daniels
Sellen Construction – Jack Avery
ZGF Architects LLP – Todd Stine
WSP Built Ecology – Charles Chaloeicheep
Moderated by: George Zettel, Turner Construction

Continuous Improvement in Prefabrication and Modular Construction
The Boldt Company – Chris Waldron, Alex Chee