14th Annual Lean Construction Congress (2012)

Wednesday, October 10th

Owner Perspectives
Owner Perspectives Featuring presentations by: Bill Seed (Universal Health Services), Craig Russell (Disney), and Michael Bade (University of California San Francisco)

Owner Perspective (Bill Seed – UHS) (includes content re Temecula IFOA)
Bill Seed, UHS

Owner Perspective (Craig Russell – Disney)
Craig Russell, Disney

Owner Perspective (Michael Bade – UCSF)
Michael Bade, UCSF

Lean Using the FAR – Jackson Federal Building
Dan Peyovich, Howard S. Wright

Hard Bid, Multi Prime Airport Last Planner
Ken McBroom, McCarthy Building Co; Christian Sicat, Faithful and Gould; Dan Fauchier, TRG

Southern California Owners Forum Lessons
Victor Sanvido

Lean in Design
Laura Lesnieuski, BNIM; Markku Allison, AIA

Lean Design – High Performance Buildings and Green Rating Systems
Laura Lesniewski, BNIM

Lean Design – Team Co-location
Will Loftis, SmithGroup

Lean Basic Principles – Team Education
Bernita Beikmann, HKS; Nick Loughrin, The Boldt Co; Trauda Gilbert, Akron Children’s Hospital

Edith Green Wendell Wyatt: Federal Building CMC+6 GSA (Focus on Design)
Jennifer Taylor, SERA Architects; Matthew Braun, Howard S. Wright

Born to be Lean: A Case Study of Children’s Hospital, Birmingham, Alabama”
Richard Drennen, Superior Mechanical

Energy Efficient Buildings Hub – Public Owners Lean Journey
John Bechtel, PSU-OPP; Johann Mordhorst, Kieran Timberlake; Bevan Mace, Balfour Beatty

Pioneer Award Recipients: Will Lichtig, Paul Reiser, Bill Seed

Thursday, October 11th

LCI Corporate Member Breakfast (invitation only)
Dick Bayer, Victor Sanvido

Keynote Case – SHEMC Lessons Case Study
Digby Christian, Sutter Health

Keynote Case – Temecula Valley Hospital (IFOA Results)
Ken Lindsay, Southland Industries

Prefabrication and Pull Planning at Scale: Parkland Hospital
BARA Project Team Members

Lean for Field Operations
Brian Lightner, JP Cullen & Sons, Inc

A Project in Review – Owner Case Study: Message to the Facilities Team
Paul DeChant, The Neenan Company

  • A_Project_in_Review-Owner_Case_Study-Message_to_the_Facilities_Team.pdf
  • http://vimeo.com/55072669
  • A Project in Review – MassArt Residence Hall Project
    James Grossman, Suffolk; David Lunny, ADD, Inc.

    A Project in Review – Facebook Job Site
    Chris Dierks, DPR

    A Project in Review – Takt Planning, Pull, LPS and Daily Huddles
    John Huggett, Boldt

  • Projects_in_Review-Integration_of_Lean_Tools_and_Takt_Planning.pdf
  • https://vimeo.com/55961190
  • Lean Journey – Lean Transformation of a Company
    Jason Schulist, DTE Energy, Co

    Lean Journey – Stealth Lean: Clandestine Process Improvement
    Ryan Seckinger, Walter P Moore

    Lean Journey – A Journey… Not a Race
    Lisa Turturro, Haley & Aldrich

    Lean Journey – Transformation w/ Value Stream Mapping
    Nick Bagatelos, Bagatelos Architectural Glass; Tom Feliz, Bagetelos Architectural Glass

    Case Study – EM Dirkson Courthouse
    Brad Carter, Turner

    Lean and Safety
    Bill Gilbane, Sue Klawans and Rick Kelliher, Gilbane

    Baker Story
    Dave MacNeel, Baker Concrete

    Friday, October 12th

    Design Track:

    Evidence Based Design
    Ralf-Uwe Modrich, HerreroBoldt; Graham Sinclair, SmithGroup

    Improving Patient Care: Lean design in the Big Room
    David Wright, ccrd Partners; Dana Hunter, HKS; G. Douglas Gray, HITT Contracting; Timothy Ott, UHS

    Contracts Track:

    Commercial Terms to Support Lean Project Delivery
    Will Lichtig, The Boldt Company

    Contract Incentives to Improve Project Optimization
    Joel Darrington, Hanson Bridgett LLP

    Contracting for Lean in Design Build
    Robynne Thaxton Parkinson, Law Offices of Robynne Thaxton Parkinson PLLC